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After a committee tried to save the Capitol Theater, 3017 Washington Ave., the city bulldozed the historical theater on Monday, March 1, 2021. The Capitol Theater Restoration Committee, affiliated with the West Racine Alliance, worked to stop the raze but fell short of saving this piece of Racine’s history.

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, it was built in 1928. The two-story building operated as a cinema and vaudeville venue. It was twinned in 1976. Marcus Cinemas purchased this landmark in 1981. Give the location it was renamed “the Park” in 1981, as stated in an article published here by On Milwaukee. The venue closed in 1986.

To read more about the history, view this website here.

Recently, a group of protestors gathered to express their opinions about dismantling the historical site. Images from this event are provided by Rob Knight and are included in the first gallery. Their efforts did not halt the destruction. Included in the second gallery are images by Knight which showcase the demolition performed by Azarian Wrecking on March 1, 2021.