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Contractors need to contend with many problems throughout their workday. These issues can come from a variety of sources—from management, coworkers, or clients. Staying ahead of the common problems that contractors have to solve can be challenging, but it is necessary to keep everyone safe, ensure client satisfaction, and guarantee safe construction.


When working on a project, there are multiple people who are all working on different aspects of the project. And there can be times where no everyone is on the same page or has the most accurate information that they need to complete their job correctly. Plans can change or designs can be updated, and a single worker left out of the loop can cause the project to halt or result in unsafe construction.

Keep Everyone Posted

Utilize technology to always keep everyone up to date on what the plans are. Whether it be through company apps, email, or even just text messaging through phones.

By the nature of the job, there can be many hazardous situations that can pose immediate risks to the safety of workers. These dangers can differ in the severity of potential harm, but safety needs to be observed at all opportunities of the job.

Safety Considerations

Falling debris from an upper level is a possibility, and wearing hardhats within worksites at all times will offer protection from potential impacts. Slipping on liquids can also be a common problem that has several solutions to keep your shoes from losing their grip on the ground. Proper maintenance of equipment can reduce the likelihood of equipment failure. With power tools and heavy machinery, they run the risk of causing bodily harm if they were to fail while in use.


Keeping track of your company’s documents can protect you and your workers from mismanagement and problematic clients. Having all contracts, order changes, receipts, material orders, and invoices will make administration or contractual problems cut and dry if you can easily pull them up.

Go Digital

While having them in physical form has its advantages, scanning and downloading them onto computers and tablets will give you the option to pull them up whenever you need to. Whether you are on a job site or just away from the office, you can bring out the proper documentation to clarify a situation or contract dispute.

Be Prepared

Whether protecting yourself and workers from physical injury or by way of contracts and documentation, be ready for the common problems that contractors have to face. Never find yourself unprepared for a situation and be ready to have a solution ready if new problems pop up.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.