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When it comes to fish fry, Wisconsinites don’t mess around. Between churches and local restaurants, there are endless options to help you dine your way through the Lenten season.

The Racine County Eye asked where the best spot in town was to grab a fish fry and the results are in. Read below for information about what specials are being offered at each establishment. Did your favorite spot make the 2021 Racine County Eye Top 10 Fish Frys in Racine County list?

Check out the results from 2020 by clicking here.

1. Reefpoint Brew House

Reefpoint Brew House, 2 Christopher Columbus Causeway, takes the cake for having the best fish fry in town. Along with having a great fish fry, comes with an unbeatable view.

On their menu, there’s a hefty list of options to choose from including: beer battered hand-cut north Atlantic cod, Panko crusted in-house and fried Lake Perch, and even Corn Meal Crusted Catfish. Check out their Friday specials by clicking here.

Dining options are available to go and in-house. For more information, visit their website here.

2. Beacon Tavern and Grill

Beacon Tavern and Grill, 3113 Douglas Avenue, is serving up a spectacular fish fry, coming in as second best. If you are located on the North side of Racine, you are in luck, but if not, this spot is worth the drive.

On Friday nights, you can choose from fried or pan seared Atlantic cod, catfish, perch, and or walleye. You really can’t go wrong with any of the meals. With every fish fry includes flat crispy fries, cole slaw, tartar sauce, rye bread and lemon wedges. View their menu here.

Stay up to date with what’s happening at Beacon Tavern and Grill by liking them on Facebook here.

3. Joey’s West

Joey’s West, 9825 Kruat Road, is the next best fish fry in town. The food served is made from scratch and it shows. You’ll be sure to clear your plate after dining at this gem in Franksville.

We’re not kidding, their menu is off the hook. Choose from shrimp, cod, walleye or even have the salmon dinner. What could be better? Oh yeah, you get to choose two sides from the menu. We’ve heard the eggplant fries are pretty killer!

For more information, follow them on Facebook here.

4. Russ’s Tap

Russ’s Tap, 2203 DeKoven Avenue, was on the Top 10 Fish Fry list in 2020 and they made it again in 2021. There’s no doubt as to why. This friendly neighborhood bar has been serving in the Racine area for decades.

Every Friday during Lent, Russ’s Tap will be serving straight through from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.. There is a full fish fry menu available including cod, walleye, perch, smelt, catfish, shrimp, and even fish sandwich options.

Sip on an Old Fashioned as you munch on your fish dinner. Follow Russ’s Tap on Facebook for more information here.

5. Nonna Wells Pizzeria

No one does it like Nonna! Check out Nonna Wells Pizzaeria, 1317 4 Mile Road, for a fish fry that will make you feel right at home. These recipes come from their families cookbook. Their Italian dishes aren’t the only popular items on the menu.

Their fish options include french fried bonded perch, fried shrimp, pollock, and blue gill. A full menu can be viewed here.

6. Joey’s Yardarm Bar and Grill

Maybe you love Joey’s West, but Racine County Eye readers couldn’t forget the tride and true location near Lake Michigan. Joey’s Yardarm Bar and Grill, 920 Erie Street, doesn’t just have great fish, but seals the deal on having a great overall dining experience.

This seafood bar and grill serves cod, walleye, perch, blue gill and shrimp. There is endless options on their menu to enjoy. Lucky for you, fish fry is served not only on Fridays, but 7 days a week. Don’t forget to order sand dollars!

Check out their website for details by clicking here.

7. Scores Sports Bar and Grill

What’s better than a fish fry? Watching sports while you eat it. Scores Sports Bar and Grill, 4915 Washington Avenue, is the perfect spot to do just that.

As they say “it’s Friday all week” so plenty of time to try their selection. They offer a shrimp basket, grilled shrimp skewers, cod and seafood tacos.

View their website for more information.

8. Buca’s Bar and Grill

The North side takes another win. Buca’s Bar and Grill, 4234 Douglas Ave, is another spot where you can grab a great fish fry. They’ve got multiple fish options to choose from including breaded shrimp dinner, cod dinners, blue gill, and even combos.

All Friday specials include coleslaw, marble rye, butter, fresh lemon, tarter sauce or cocktail sauce and your choice of french fries or house made tater tots.

View their full menu here. Stop by the bar for a bite to eat and celebrate the fish fry season.

9. DeMarks Bar and Restaurant

DeMarks Bar and Restaurant, 1600 Albert Street, has been operating in their family for 3 generations. While they might be home of the World Famous Pizza Burger, they’ve got a great fish fry too.

During the Lenten season, they serve perch, blue gill, smelt and cod. There menu is packed full of Italian favorites too. Spend your Friday night eating fish and play the free shuffleboard table with friends too.

Follow DeMarks on Facebook for updates.

10. TinCan Roadhouse

Union Grove is home to the TinCan Roadhouse, 20715 Durand Ave, and one of the best fish frys that side of the I. There’s always something happening at TinCan Roadhouse, so much so that they pride themselves in saying their restaurant is where customers become friends.

Top to bottom, their menu is full of fish options such as cod dinner, lake perch, walleye, shrimp, and even cod sandwich. Check out their full menu and follow them on Facebook here.

Wait there’s more…

While those are the Racine County Eye Top 10 Fish Fry picks, there are still plenty of other awesome fish frys.

Read about other Racine County businesses offering fish fry by clicking here. Local churches have joined in on the traditions, read about what fish fry special they are offering here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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