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By Sr. Janet Weyker

Home repairs can be expensive. However, not budgeting for them can be even more expensive, leading to the demise of the house itself. Earth is our home; it is in need of repair from the damages caused by misuse and over-use of resources.

After months of diligent work, the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change has presented a plan with recommendations to better manage and mitigate the effects of climate change in Wisconsin. The plan calls for environmental justice and an improved economy through job opportunities in renewable energy and conservation.

This plan will cost money. Right now, the legislature is working on our State’s biennial budget. It is vital that we let our elected leaders know that we support the recommendations of the Climate Change Task Force and that we want the budget to reflect the cost of implementing those recommendations.

A group of passionate persons from Kenosha and Milwaukee, known as “The Wisconsin 7” is calling our attention to the importance of this budget issue. They have embarked on a 22-day water fast, lasting until March 26, demanding that the next Wisconsin State Budget includes Climate Justice for Wisconsin, where everyone has a livable future, where there is equal opportunity for good-paying green jobs, and where environmental justice ensures us clean air, land, and water.

Let’s join The Wisconsin 7 in demanding that our state budget includes significant funding to increase and incentivize energy efficiency, to grow development of renewable energy and jobs, and to provide safeguards against inequities that arise from climate change. Let’s repair our home!


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