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Enjoying An Outdoor Wedding In Racine

Around 70% of couples postponed their weddings in 2020, and Racine County has repeatedly asked residents to do their share to stop the spread by limiting gatherings with individuals outside of one’s household. However, extended engagement periods mean that brides and grooms have more time in which to plan their celebration, with local wedding planners, caterers, and fashion and gift providers continuing to take bookings for weddings in 2021 and 2022. If you are currently planning your own wedding, keep the following considerations in mind.

Choosing An Outdoor Wedding Destination

If you will be getting married in the spring or summer, an outdoor venue may be ideal during this unique time in history, in which open-air events are more highly favored than ever. Just a few venues with outdoor areas which are perfect for photographs and/or receptions include Roma Lodge, The Club at Strawberry Creek, Muskego Lakes Country Club, and the Boerner Botanical Gardens. To guard yourself against the possibility of rain, placing dining tables beneath a bridal tent is both aesthetically stunning and practical. The tent can be embellished with hanging floral displays, draping, and canopy-style tents which allow natural light in through the sides of the structure.

Ensuring Children Have A Great Time

If children will be at your wedding, ensure that they have a few outdoorsy activities to keep them entertained, as they can get antsy if seated at a table for several hours on end. Children can help plan your wedding in many ways – not only by taking on traditional roles (such as those of bridesmaid and flower girl) but also by suggesting activities other kids might enjoy. Just a few suggested activities include a disposable camera scavenger hunt, a cupcake decoration table, and a movie and game zone. Children in the family can take on roles of responsibility – including helping guests sign the guest book, informing guests of their table and seat, and giving a reading during the wedding ceremony.

Creating Fun Zones Outdoors

Outdoor garden weddings are characterized by freedom of movement, but within a large outdoor setting, you can make several zones that will be both fun for guests and highly photographable for your wedding album and social media channels. Just a few set-ups you might like to incorporate include food stands, donut walls, photo booths with props and signs, a music booth with a DJ, and an outdoor bar. You can forego traditional table settings altogether, and opt for standing tables or tables with stools, with guests freely choosing their tables and spending most of the day mingling and moving from one spot to the next.

Many weddings in Racine and other counties have had to be postponed due to the current health situation, but many couples are embracing the chance to have more time to plan a safe and entertaining outdoor wedding. Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for a nature-surrounded ceremony, with tents providing safe covering in the case of rain. Children’s activities, outdoor dancing, and fun zones are ideal ways to make the most of the space and endless possibilities that outdoor events can offer.


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