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Whether they’re gas, hybrid, or electric, cars are going to be with us for a long time, and so will car-related careers. If you’re seeking a change in employment and have a love of automobiles, combine the two and apply a job that lets you work with them, hands on or otherwise. But maybe you need some inspiration first, or a better idea about what’s out there. To that end, here’s a selection of typical to out of the ordinary career ideas for people who love cars.


Like to talk about your car’s best features? Enjoy showing a customer what they’re looking for while letting them know what they need? Are you a huge fan of haggling? Then car sales might be the place for you. Whether new or used, cars will always need someone to be their spokesperson. Remember the time when you bought your first used set of wheels, and then make the experience as smooth as you wanted it to be back then.

Auto Restorer

Are you good with your hands? Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge about vintage cars? Auto restorers work on bringing antique cars back to life, either trying to restore them with vintage parts or modernizing them while retaining their classic look. Restorers can have long-time personal experience restoring cars, but this should be accompanied by a degree from a technical college. In the long term, buying, restoring, and selling a car yourself isn’t as profitable as a regular gig as a restorer, but it does come with a lot of personal satisfaction.


The job title of driveris wonderfully flexible, encompassing everything from deliveries, chauffeuring, truck driving, or even racing. If you’re comfortable behind the wheel for long stretches of time, look for a position where you’re mostly your own boss. If you have your own vehicle, countless options are available, including transporting passengers, delivering food and groceries, running errands, and others. Driving professionally requires a clean driving record and, in the case of operating trucks and other haulers, a commercial driver’s license.

Automotive Designer

Car designers require a beefier resume. A college degree is required, meaning a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or transportation design for starters, but know that few schools offer those specific degrees. Several sources recommend accompanying the degree with a background in art, sculpture, and model-making. Suffice to say, it helps to be artistically inclined and able to think and know how to solve engineering problems creatively.


Like to get your hands dirty? A mechanic is the first thing most folks think of when considering career ideas for people who love cars. Being a mechanic requires a high school degree, plenty of personal knowledge about cars, and a few years of experience. Nowadays, a lot of cars are rigged with computers that can “say” what needs fixing. But there’s still a place for mechanics who can sense what’s wrong and fix it themselves.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.