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YORKVILLE – A passenger in a vehicle, who appeared “gobsmacked” when seeing a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy parked along Interstate 94, led to drug-related charges filed against two Oak Creek residents earlier this week.

The Racine County District Attorney’s office filed charges of possession with intent to deliver/distribute/manufacture THC and possession of drug paraphernalia against Christina Nicole Davis, 19, and Sakura D. Pointer, 22, both of Oak Creek.

According to the criminal complaint, a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy was monitoring traffic along I-94 in Yorkville on Monday. He then saw the front passenger in a vehicle standing on the seat and turned around with no seat belt. Upon seeing the deputy’s squad, the passenger “appeared aghast and gobsmacked,” the report stated. 

The deputy stopped the vehicle near the Highway 11 interchange. The deputy then identified the driver as Pointer, and the passenger, as Davis. There was also an infant in the vehicle’s back seat. The deputy “detected a strong and pungent odor of fresh marijuana from the vehicle” and “Davis’ hands were visibly shaking,” according to the report. Pointer told the deputy that the only marijuana in the vehicle was in Davis’ vape pen and a roach in the ashtray.

Marijuana and more found

In a search of the vehicle, the deputy found:

  • A pink electronic vape, with cartridge, near the center console.
  • $1,900 in cash, in small denomination bills, behind the driver’s seat.
  • A diaper bag in the back seat containing a one-ounce bag of a green leafy substance that had been divided into multiple smaller bags.
  • A leather bag that contained a digital scale with a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana shake.

Both Davis and Pointer denied knowledge of the leather bag, which had a padlocked main compartment. Upon further search of the leather bag; it revealed a large, black canvas bag containing 22 separate baggies of a green leafy substance. Which later tested positive for the presence of THC. The deputy noted the baggies “appeared to be packaged for quick hand-to-hand sale as ‘dub’ or ‘gram’ sacks”. The total weight of the marijuana in the baggies was 827.8 grams. The deputy also found 200 clean, empty plastic bags.

Davis and Pointer were taken into custody Monday and booked into the Racine County Jail.

Davis made an initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon where a signature bond was set at $1,500. Pointer also made an initial court appearance on Tuesday, where the cash bond was set at $500.

A preliminary hearing for Davis and Pointer is scheduled for April 14 at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center, 717 Wisconsin Ave., Racine.

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