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From their family’s cookbook to the streets of Racine, Kabab and Grill is bringing diversity to Racine County. Kabab and Grill, 1327 Washington Ave, offers Pakistani and Indian cuisine. They have been in business for 4 years, but are planning to move their location to their family-owned banquet hall.

Punjabi Banquet Hall, 1504 Washington Ave, is also owned by Sheikh Umar and Zubda Naz. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they have been primarily operating via take-out and delivery. COVID-19 impacted their revenue, but that hasn’t stopped them from providing the community with a fresh, quality meal.

Sher Umar says, “we struggled, but we didn’t compromise the quality of our food because of COVID.”

Family Owned and Operated

Kabab and Grill is an all-hands-on-deck kind of business. The family immigrated from Pakistan in March of 2007 to Racine. They own 3 businesses, including Kabab and Grill, Punjabi Banquet Hall, and a Racine Taxi Service. They are truly living out the American dream.

Kabab and Grill is the first restaurant of its kind in Racine. Sher Umar, the owner’s son, says, “people come in and tell us that they are so happy we are here. Before they’d travel to Milwaukee or Chicago to eat dishes that we make.”

Umar Brothers Inspire Restaurant

The restaurant that operates in Uptown started primarily because of the owners’ sons. Sher and Subhan Umar both attended Horlick High School and were members of the Men’s Wrestling team. Due to the demand to gain weight, the Umar brothers would bring traditional Pakistani/Indian food to their meets.

Image Credit: Kabab and Grill

This food was handmade by their mother. Naz is the one who prepares all of the food that customers eat at Kabab and Grill today. Since their meals were different than most of their teammates, they shared what they had with their friends.

The brothers eventually convinced their parents to open a restaurant so that they could continue sharing the cuisine with others. Since their father had already owned the building, it was the perfect way to fill the space and open their new business.

Diversity in their Dishes

The friendly atmosphere at Kabab and Grill makes trying new dishes easier. The restaurant serves their meals “Chipotle-style” and encourages that people try samples.

Image Credit: Kabab and Grill

Sher Umar says, “We always tell our customers that they can try everything and don’t have to buy anything.” It’s obvious that the family wants to welcome the community to try dishes that they may never have eaten before.

While their menu is ever-changing, you can follow their Facebook page to get the inside scoop of what’s being served. Subhan Umar, a student at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, takes time to video what’s cooking and upload it to their page.

You can order online by clicking here.

Everything is made fresh. Kabab and Grill never uses frozen pre-made foods. The quality of their food makes you feel like you’re eating a home-cooked meal, but without the hassle of having to actually cook. Naz takes care of that.

Together, as a family of four, they are working to share recipes that are close to their heart, with the place that they now call home.

Since they will soon transition to their banquet hall to better serve Racine, look for updates on the Kabab and Grill Facebook page. As the first Pakistani restaurant in Racine, they welcome you to take a bite out of their business!

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