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Ms. Peterson was a current 5th-grade teacher when she passed away on April 7, 2021. Jill taught 5th grade in the elementary school where she once attended as a student and graduated from as class Valedictorian. The entire student body knew Miss Peterson because of her larger-than-life involvement and commitment to the school.

A celebration of her influence, impact, and life was held on Sunday, April 18 at Raymond Elementary School. Stations and video presentations will greet guests, students, former students, and community members as they travel throughout the building culminating in a visit to the school’s gymnasium. Several tables displaying all the student activities Ms. Peterson led will include features from Student Council, Washington DC Trip, High-Interest Day, PBS Kids*, School Musicals, and Summer School, which she coordinated and led.

Staff and students have created a large visual display outside the building on the chain-link fence with a message -“Everything Connects” which was a statement Miss Peterson often made to her students as she was teaching the importance of what she taught to the everyday life of her students. The death of Miss Peterson hit the school student body, staff, and entire community especially hard. She not only gave so much to Raymond School but served on the Union Grove Library Board, as Racine County Fair Open Class Photography Superintendent, and on numerous committees at North Cape Lutheran Church.

During Jill’s funeral visitation, former students and classmates spoke to family members about the notes and homemade cards they often received from Miss Peterson long after they left her classroom. She would be at performances, competitions, and events even after they left her classroom and into college and life events like weddings.

*PBS Milwaukee has written a special memorial posted on their site honoring the years of volunteering for the PBS kids writing contest where many students ended up being selected as winners.

*Students and staff have filled the halls of Raymond School with remembrances and writings honoring her impact. *As a community servant Jill Peterson is recognized as the first female to serve as North Cape Lutheran Church’s President

*As a youth Jill was a member of Racine County 4-H, UGHS Tennis, and a graduate of UW-Whitewater.

*As a teacher Jill sat in a dunk tank, had a pie in her face, and caught a large fish to satisfy student incentive challenges.