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A gas station is a necessary part of any motorist’s life. But because of the need to have accessible fuel just about everywhere, it floods the market with competition and can drown out your station. There are ways to increase business at your gas station and stand out among the rest, and those changes may be expensive overhauls or simple quality-of-life changes. Consider where your station comes up short and see what is and isn’t financially feasible.

Offer More Than Fuel

The primary good that gas stations provide is fuel for customers, but that doesn’t have to be everything you sell. It’s common to see stations with a small convenience store addition that offers customers basic food and grocery items, and stations can expand their selection if it proves to be profitable enough.

Decide What Would Work Best

Convenient store additions can come in a few different sizes, and it may be better to start on a smaller scale and see how customers respond. If you notice the demand is high enough, then you should consider growing even further. But growing too large too quickly can result in too much spending, sinking profits instead of increasing them.

Enhance Customer Experience

If a customer walks away from your station unsatisfied with the goods or services you have provided, they’ll probably go somewhere else to purchase their fuel. Engendering trust with your customer base is critical to increasing the chances of repeat business, and that begins with making sure their experience is a positive one.

Customer Service Training

A customer’s main point of contact with your business is with your attendants, and this interaction can make or break an experience. It’s best to hire attendants who can offer positive service and make customers feel welcomed and acknowledged. Provide training to make sure that you keep a set of standards of how employees are expected to act while on the job.

Improved Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool when appealing to potential patrons, but they mostly come into play at night. When motorists need gas after the sun has gone down, it can seem dangerous to go get gas in some areas. Having bright lighting can make them feel safer and more welcome to your station while at the same time acting to let passersby know that you are open for business. LED lights are considered the best option for this and can offer other advantages as well.

Show That You Care

To increase business at your gas station means having added goods and a great experience available for your intended customer base. They’ll choose to go to a station that makes them feel comfortable, offers what they want, and provides them with quick, simple, and friendly service.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.