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Many homeowners feel that their houses are cluttered or that they don’t have enough space. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the square footage isn’t sufficient. In fact, you may be overlooking some underutilized spaces in your home. With some renovations or simple modifications, you can turn them into useful areas. Ahead, we point out the sections in your home that may not currently live up to their full potential.

The Mudroom

Many people see the mudroom as a place where you do laundry or get some household supplies and then quickly exit. It can also end up containing shoes, jackets, and other articles that you and your family discard after entering the home. This is because it serves as a transition from the outside to the rest of the living spaces. In actuality, though, the mudroom can do much more. Provided that there’s enough space in it, you can set up a desk. The mudroom can then become a nice way to get away from noise in the home. Kids can even do homework there.

Guest Room

True to their names, guest rooms accommodate family or friends who stay over at your home. Because of this, most people leave guest rooms relatively sparse. But this means they become underutilized spaces in homes. If you think about it, you won’t have guests in your home the vast majority of the time. You should give yourself some more liberty to utilize the guest room. Feel free to use it for storage or make it into an additional office space. You can also use the guest room for your hobbies, such as playing an instrument or making art. This doesn’t mean you must get rid of the guest bed, either.

The Basement

Basements exist in quite a few Midwestern homes, but people often don’t finish them and instead treat them like large closets. However, your basement offers great potential if you transform it into a livable space. Once you put in proper waterproofing systems, walls, flooring, lights, and outlets, you can explore the many possibilities for a basement. It can act as a second living room, an extra bedroom, or a children’s playroom. If there’s a specific need in your house, you can consider whether some renovations to the basement will fulfill it.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.