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There’s no denying that Tiah Lee’s love for helping others was sparked by healthcare workers. This week’s Racine County Eye Hometown Hero follows in the footsteps of a family who have also worked in the medical field. Tiah Lee is currently working as a nurse at Froedtert South Hospital on the Medical Surgical/Telemetry Floor. Since the pandemic, Lee has occasionally also worked on the COVID-19 floor too.

Growing up, Lee was surrounded by individuals who worked to serve others. Her father was a pharmacist at Ascension All Saints Hospital. Lee’s Grandfather also worked as a Family Practice Doctor in Racine. Overseas, her grandma served as a nurse. Their careers influenced Lee to pursue a job that would also help those in need.

“You could say it’s in my blood,” says Lee.

International Impact

Lee joined the medical field nearly seven years ago. She was born and raised in Racine and started working as a CNA while she was attending Case High School. From there, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside for a few years. Lee later transitioned to Gateway Technical College, where she graduated with her associate nursing degree. She previously worked as a student nurse intern before becoming an RN.

Photo from Lee’s mission trip

In the time period that Lee has been working in the medical field, she has been able to help countless amounts of people. Her reach goes beyond the Southeastern Wisconsin county lines. Lee has traveled to serve people in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. She hopes to continue medical mission trips when able.

These trips, where they provide dental care, medical care, pediatric care and distribute medications to people, are a huge part of Lee’s life. It’s a family affair. Lee’s father is the pharmacist that goes along on the trips.

Likewise, her husband, Jordan Lee, has attended with her in the past. He is the lead pastor’s ministry assistant at Journey Church in Kenosha, Wis. Together, they enjoy spending time at church and serving. Not only has Lee impacted the wellness of people in the Racine/Kenosha area, but also internationally.

Giving Wellness a New Meaning

Lee applying essential oils to her wrist

Being a nurse isn’t just a day job for Lee. Her outgoing personality and itch to take care of others doesn’t stop when she clocks out of work. She’s adamant about wellness and helping others achieve it.

“I feel everyone who works in the medical field are far more than ‘just’ a nurse or a doctor,” she says. “We are a listener, a friend, a mentor, a mediator, an educator, and we are there for not only the patient but their family as well.”

COVID-19 opened Lee’s eyes even more. Wellness is more than treating a diagnosis; it is about a person and who they are as a whole. Lee recognizes this, and it’s what makes her a hometown hero.


That’s the thing about Lee. Even when she has her off days, she’s still helping others. Being a nurse is one way that she does this. Lee also runs her own business promoting low toxicity and selling essential oils. She spends her time doing classes, connecting with people, creating content, and helping people get started with their own journey to a healthier life.

Tiah Lee, Nurse and Owner of Oileeliving

“It’s our only body we get,” says Lee, “we should take good care of it! Most people are shocked when they learn about ingredients that hang out in a lot of our common store-bought products. A lot of ingredients have side effects of endocrine disruption, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity, asthma, skin irritation, and even cancer.”

Lee is committed to this lifestyle because she knows that her body deserves it. It’s why she also shares this message with others. If it sounds like something interesting to you, Lee enjoys connecting with people in Southeastern Wisconsin on Instagram or by email. Her page can be found by searching @oileeliving or emailing for more information.

At the Core

Helping, giving and serving others is at the core of who Lee is. Being a nurse is more than just the medical practice, it’s who Lee represents. Her devotion and character live out the legacy of her family, who also worked in the medical field.

“Seeing the positive impact a single encounter can make with a person” is her favorite thing about being a nurse, she says.

These encounters are not few and far between. The positive impact she has continually affects others, and it’s why she’s the Racine County Eye Hometown Hero. She’s more than a nurse, but at every corner of her life, this aspect of who she is shines through.

Hometown Hero: Nominate a Nurse

National Nurses Week is May 6 through 12. If you know a nurse making a difference in the community, share their name with the Racine County Eye. Email to nominate someone who you think is a healthcare hero.

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