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RACINE – E.C. Styberg Engineering Co. has been awarded a state Workforce Equity Grant for training workers, primarily from underserved populations, in advanced manufacturing. Further, the $306,190 grant will allow the company to recruit, train, and provide on-the-job coaching to roughly 25 people.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development funding will help the workers earn industry-recognized certifications in CNC and mechanical maintenance through Gateway Technical College (GTC).

E.C. Styberg, 1600 Goold St., is a contract manufacturer of custom metal fabrication parts, assemblies, and prototypes. Further, it applied for the grant in partnership with Racine County and GTC to solve labor challenges and improve racial equity.

“E.C. Styberg Engineering has long been a community enthusiast, and with employment levels as they are today, we are hoping that this agreement will help a wide range of people in the Racine area,” John Baker, Styberg president, said in a news release. “With additional programs such as our education assistance program, we promote advancements within the company so all employees can work toward other positions. But it all starts with a successful beginning, and we hope this program is that beginning.”

Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave made this statement: “We continue to work collaboratively to connect Racine County businesses with workers and to lift people of color into family-sustaining jobs. For over 90 years, E.C. Styberg Engineering has been an industry pillar in Racine County. We are so grateful to partner with them on this win-win effort that helps both businesses and underserved populations.”

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