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There’s a meme circling the internet that says, “a generation of people raised on eating Lunchables are now making charcuterie cool,” and it’s true. Emmie Boedecker took matters into her own hands and found her niche making cheese, meats, and fruit platters.

Photo Credit: Boards by Emmie

Boards By Emmie specializes in assembling food platters, grazing boards, and creating charcuterie boards. Most recently, she’s starting to tackle catering to small events and appearing at local farmers’ markets. It’s like a taste of Wisconsin all in one plate. 

What’s more Wisconsin than a girl who’s founded a business on creating charcuterie with local cheeses, honey, and fresh fruit? Something that started for family parties has now blossomed into a small business. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, her business has brought a smile to many faces and filled many stomachs.

Say Cheese

As much as Boedecker loves bringing a smile to others’ faces through her business, it’s also made being a stay-at-home mom even more fun. This is more than a business to Boedecker.

She comments, “I love creating boards; it feels like art, and the response that I get from customers leaves me overjoyed.”

Photo Credit: Boards by Emmie

The challenging times throughout the past year don’t compare to the positivity this small business has brought to Racine. That goodness can also be spread into your home or your next event.

Boards by Emmie Focuses on Local

Boedecker says, “we buy larger items in bulk from wholesale retailers, but source cheese from the local grocery store. They also provide a lot of Wisconsin-made cheeses and jams.”

The soul of her business has Wisconsin written all over. Not only is she focused on supporting other local businesses but collaborating with others too. Her connection with the community on social media is strong. That strong relationship with customers is carrying over to in-person. As things begin to open up in Racine, Boards By Emmie engages with other local businesses and events.

On May 9, 2021, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., Social on Sixth and Boards by Emmie collaborate to host a Mother’s Day Tea. The event has sold out, but that’s not to say there won’t be more opportunities in the future.

Boards and More

Photo Credit: Boards by Emmie

She says, “we provide memorable boards for all types of occasions. We are here to make your party easier or to brighten up someone’s day with doorstep delivery.”

You can place an order by clicking here. Boards by Emmie offers pick up or delivery. Boedecker has a flexible schedule that makes doing business much simpler.

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