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The Racine Zoo added another tawny frogmouth to their exhibit. The Zoo is pleased to introduce the newest animal, Groot. He will join Ashton, the tawny frogmouth in the Australian-themed Walkabout Creek Exhibit, alongside the kangaroos, wallaroos, and emu.

Tawny frogmouths are insectivorous birds native to Australia, and one of the species at
the Racine Zoo managed by an SSP, or Species Survival Plan. Species Survival Plans
manage all members of a species throughout accredited zoos and certified partners,
and ensure that each animal’s needs are met.

The Tawny Frogmouth SSP coordinator reached out to the Racine Zoo and said that their was another tawny frogmouth looking for a new home. It was a no-brainer for the Racine Zoo to add Groot.

“We do our best to help the SSP whenever possible, and after consideration and discussion with SSP experts, determined we had plenty of space to house another frogmouth.”

Naming the Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny frogmouths are named for their large beak, which they hold open like a net while
swooping through the air at night to catch insects. They are also known for superb
camouflage, where they will close their eyes and lift their beak skyward, making them
virtually indistinguishable from the branches around them.

His adaptation earned himself the name, Groot. He is settling in well, and keepers report that he has a friendly personality, fluffing up happily when keepers enter to care for him.

“We are excited to welcome Groot, Ashton’s brother, into our exhibit,” said Angie Sagert, the Zoo’s Animal Care Supervisor and primary zookeeper for the Walkabout Creek exhibit.

Visit Groot and Ashton by stopping by The Racine Zoo.

It’s open year round and opens at 10 a.m. and the last admission is at 3:30 p.m.. The zoo closesly at 4 p.m..Admission rates are: Members and children two and younger: free, children three years to 15 years: $8, seniors: $9, and adults: $10. For more information on the Racine Zoo, its programs and events, visiting here or call 262.636.9189.

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