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When Racine prom-goers say that prom here is unlike anywhere else, they aren’t lying. They say “the bigger, the better,” and that includes Racine’s prom. The lights, the camera, the action…it’s all there.

This treasured day might as well be a holiday in this county. Prom isn’t a topic that this community takes lightly. There’s even a documentary called “The World’s Best Prom,” with a storyline that gives an inside look at this special event by Racine’s very own, Ruben Carbajal.

Girls get glammed up in their dresses and men to the nines, all for one perfect night. High schools all around the town make their way for a grand red carpet entrance. It’s an unforgettable experience for those who attend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has derailed many events, but in 2021, prom continues. Through the ages, no matter whether prom goers continue to live in Racine, the memories never fade.

While you may or may not be attending this year, take a look back through the ages at Racine’s greatest dance by viewing the galleries below.

Racine’s prom: the Oldies But Goodies

For as long as Racine prom-goers can remember, this event has been exceptional. Take a look back as far as 1970. Throughout the years, the location of prom and dress styles may have changed, but no matter when you went, it was still “a night to remember.”

Throwback to the Good Ole Days

Friends from all around Racine County never missed the chance to dance. Check out these photos from the good ole days. Recognize anyone?

Riding in Style

Half the fun of going to Racine’s prom is the ride you take getting there. Classic cars, party buses, elephants, and limousines are all up there with the coolest rides in town. These couples and friends pose with their hot wheels.

The Girls

Finding the perfect gown is a part of the fun. Nothing beats the glam and glitz. So here’s a blast from the past showcasing dresses throughout the years.

Flying Solo

Group Prom Photos

Being with friends at Racine’s prom is a blast. Here’s a look back at the memories.

Prom Dates

2021 Prom Details

Another year has gone by, and Racine’s prom is approaching. Submit your prom photos by clicking here. View the Rotary Post Prom red carpet schedule by clicking here.

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