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DOVER – A woman was apprehended by Racine County Sheriff’s Office deputies after shooting a gun inside a home here Sunday evening.

Kimberly A. Ruffalo, 41, of the 4200 block of Stormy Drive, was arrested after firing a gunshot from the basement of a home she shared with her boyfriend. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the bullet went through multiple rooms before stopping at the basement stairs. There were no injuries. Ruffalo was transported to the Racine County Jail. As a safety precaution, deputies established a perimeter around the house and formed an arrest team.

The Racine County District Attorney’s Office charged Ruffalo with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and disorderly conduct. The latter charge included enhanced penalties for domestic abuse and the use of a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, deputies responded to the residence about 7:34 p.m. on a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, Ruffalo’s boyfriend had her come outside of the home. Ruffalo cooperated with deputies.

The couple had been arguing over the past couple of days. Ruffalo had started drinking in the morning and remained in the basement, communicating with her boyfriend via Facebook Messenger. The boyfriend heard a gunshot and initially thought that Ruffalo had shot herself. Instead, he saw her sitting in a chair watching television. He then called authorities.

Ruffalo admitted to drinking since about 10 a.m. that day but said she didn’t intend to use the gun on herself or anybody else, the complaint stated. She told deputies that she had pulled the slide back with her right hand and had her left index finger on the trigger when the gun went off. She said she didn’t know it was loaded.

Ruffalo made an initial court appearance on Monday where a signature bond was set at $500. A status conference is scheduled for July 26 in Racine County District Court.

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