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Would you like to have more readers for your blog? Even those who own micro blogs are always working to expand their reader base. If your site is related to a commercial enterprise, like a startup or product page, it’s essential to make the blog portion an attraction, not an afterthought. The good news is that you need not be the world’s greatest writer or the top ranked expert in your field to create excellent content for your website. Here are some basic, effective techniques that can deliver more readers to whatever content you post.

Mix Topic Types

Aim for a mixture of evergreen and timely pieces. If you sell carpentry tools, for example, an evergreen topic might be something like an article on how to repair a wooden coffee table. A timely item would be a review of the newest battery-operated drill. Consumers respond well to a variety of topics within any niche, particularly when they can acquire some basic information, from evergreen articles, and the latest news from more timely content.

Do SEO Right

You can vastly increase your potential audience by spending time on search engine optimization. Most people are aware of what SEO is, but few know how to implement a solid strategy that gets the desired results. Blogging is about luring eyeballs to your posts. And one of the main factors of a winning strategy is getting ranked high in search engine results. It helps to review a comprehensive guide on SEO pricing. There’s no faster way to learn how much you should spend for results. Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that cost and pricing models vary a lot depending on the size of your organization, your goals, and the results you want.

Outsource Your Content

Unless you are a professional writer, don’t waste your time churning out articles for your web pages, the blog included. For a reasonable price, it’s possible to outsource at least 90 percent of that job to a blog writing service. For the other 10 percent, consider doing between one and five pieces each week. The author can be you or someone in the company. Just make sure to carefully edit and scan each item for accuracy, grammar, and spelling.

Vary Content Length

Nothing dulls a reader’s brain faster than a series of posts that are all of the exact same length. Some personal blogs fall into this trap, and if you read them, the monotony factor comes into play after about two posts. Keep your offerings varied. Do a couple very short, data rich pieces, followed by a longer, more in-depth items, remembering to mix in several 500-750 word posts every so often.

Add Infographics and Photos to Most Posts

Readers respond well to written content that is accompanied by visuals. For blogging purposes, that usually means infographics and photographs. Be careful to always check copyright rules for any pertinent pictures and graphics you want to use. It’s easy to locate free-to-use images on any of the major search engines.