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Everyone has driven down the streets of a fancy neighborhood before, staring at the rows of palatial estates, with their immaculate landscapes and massive driveways.

Sadly, those grand homes come with a phenomenal price tag that most can’t afford. But don’t get discouraged—just because you can’t pay for a home like that doesn’t mean you can’t live in the lap of luxury. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can transform any kind of property into a sumptuous masterpiece. Here are some inexpensive tricks to make your home look expensive.

Maximize Space With Mirrors

If you want your home to look expensive on a budget, invest in a couple of larger-than-life mirrors. Mirrors feature two huge advantages. They offer a naturally opulent appearance and can make any space look and feel grandiose by reflecting natural and artificial light. They help eliminate unflattering shadows and can make even the dimmest rooms shine brightly.

An Architectural Touch

If you want to take your home from simplistic to extravagant, all you need is an architectural touch here and there. Architectural details such as appliques, corbels, molding, and pillars can transform and reinvigorate your home to an extent you never thought possible, and for shockingly cheap, too.

You don’t necessarily have to use these details as intended, either. There are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your home. A corbel will look nice underneath your countertops, but it will also look lovely on top of them as a unique-looking centerpiece.

A Splash of Paint

The last inexpensive trick to make your home look expensive is to change up the colors with a can of paint. That lime-green bedroom might be perfect for a kid obsessed with all things colorful, but it doesn’t exactly scream “elegance.” No worries. A fresh coat of paint can take that bedroom from childishly adorable to an exquisite accommodation.

You can find paint, tape, brushes, and rollers easily—just venture down to your local hardware store. In general, neutral and dark colors offer an extravagant appearance.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.