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Do you know about the concept of personal branding? Personal branding is particularly important in 2021, but it is also easier than ever before. You can create a free Wix website that gets your name out there, using tools like a domain name generator, logo designer, and search engine optimization. Let’s speak about why personal branding matters.

There is nothing new about the concept of personal branding. After all, religious leaders, politicians, and celebrities have been doing it for millenia. You would not have heard of the most influential historical figures if not for their own efforts at making themselves known.

However, personal branding is a different creature in its modern form. Today, personal branding is not reserved for famous figures. On the contrary, every person with professional aspirations should at the very least have a website representing their personal brand. Here are 5 reasons why personal branding is important in 2021, even for a “regular” Wisconsin professional.

1. Everyone else is doing it

We’ve mentioned how easy it is to work on your personal branding in 2021. That has led the savviest professionals to get to work on branding. They may have started with a LinkedIn page before writing articles on Medium, building a personal website, and showing off a portfolio.

In other words, if you do not work on your personal branding, you will be at a disadvantage when applying for jobs or trying to create possibilities for yourself. A company will always be more eager to meet a candidate who has represented themself through a website and content relevant to the industry than someone who they only know through a CV and LinkedIn profile.

2. Position yourself as an expert

While you may want nothing more than a well-paying job at a good company, personal branding will position you as more than an employee. An employee does what they have to in order to meet their goals. An industry expert helps take the company forward.

Businesses today don’t want employees on a managerial level. They want collaborators who will provide more to the company than good work. With well-written content that provides insight into the industry, you can position yourself as the expert the company needs.

3. Networking

In 2021, opportunities are more likely to come to those who have strong networks than those actively looking everywhere they can. You can find clients, employers, or investors through cold emailing and applications. However, a strong network brings the most suitable opportunities to you, and your reputation does most of the job.

Personal branding positions you as someone worth getting to know. You’re not just a professional looking for connections who will get you “in.” Rather, you are someone of interest who other professionals will be drawn to. Your network will grow organically without you having to fabricate reasons to add anyone and everyone on LinkedIn.

4. You’re behind a screen

Remote work is more common than ever before. Even when the pandemic is a distant memory, we will still be working remotely, with many people never having met their coworkers in person. For some people, this is a blessing and for others, it is a curse.

Those who are introverts and feel uncomfortable selling themselves in person appreciate the ability to curate their persona from behind a screen. However, those who ooze charm and charisma are disadvantaged by the digital divide.

Personal branding is important because you are competing in an arena in which everyone is showing their best selves. While you may have relied on your ability to draw people in and engage them with your personality, that is no longer always possible.

5. There are more opportunities than you know

One of the most exciting aspects of the increasingly digital nature of the professional world is that there are more opportunities than ever before. The options you had in the past pale in comparison to what is possible now. Your skillset may have served you well as an employee in a particular job, but now you can create your own role in companies around the world.

Personal branding is crucial in order to open yourself up to these opportunities. You’re setting yourself up for a career trajectory you don’t even know you want yet. When the opportunities come, you’ll see just how much you were missing out on by sticking to what you knew.

The concept of personal branding has been around for thousands of years. Every major historical figure indulged in a fair amount of it. However, in 2021 it is far more common and attainable. Don’t get left behind by settling for a LinkedIn account and a well-written resumé. Build a website and start selling yourself as soon as possible.