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RACINE – Visitors and residents will soon be able to rent electric scooters here.

The Racine Common Council recently approved a pilot electric scooter ordinance governing the use of electric scooters for the public from private companies. The council also granted a license to Bird, a scooter manufacturing and rental company, to deploy 100 electric scooters in the City of Racine.

Bird has indicated that the scooters will be delivered within the next few days. 

The City of Racine reminds everyone about the best practices for safely operating the scooters and following the ordinance: 

  • Wear a helmet – using a helmet will prevent most scooter injuries 
  • Start slow – take a test ride around the block and maintain safe driving speeds 
  • Plan ahead – know your route and if you have to check your phone, pull over to a safe spot 
  • Don’t ride on sidewalks – scooters are like bikes, ride in bike lanes on the street, not on sidewalks 
  • Scoot sober – drinking and scootering is illegal and puts you and others at risk 
  • Scoot solo – tandem scooting is not permitted – there’s not enough room on electric scooters for two people 
  • Curb your scooter – at the end of a ride, leave the scooter standing up, on the sidewalk near the curb, and out of the way of pedestrians, wheelchair users, and any type of oncoming traffic 
  • Scooters are permitted on streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less (the scooters themselves do not go that fast) and ONLY work within the City of Racine 
  • To report an improperly parked or malfunctioning scooter, please use the company contact number on the scooter. Do NOT contact the City.

“We are excited to bring this new transportation option to the City of Racine,” Mayor Cory Mason said in a news release. “Electric scooters are fun, economical, and can help reduce our carbon footprint, but we need our residents and visitors to make sure they follow the rules and use them safely. With summer finally arriving, this is the perfect time for everyone to give them a try.”

According to the company’s website, Bird scooter rentals are available in more than 200 cities worldwide.

To find more information about Bird scooters or locate scooters once deployed, download the Bird scooter app on your smartphone. Visit:

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