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The City of Racine Fire Department reminds residents to exercise extreme caution during this period of dry conditions, which has prompted the WI DNR to place Racine County under high fire risk. Current dry conditions make it easy for a fire to start and spread.

The following City of Racine ordinances are always in place to help keep everyone fire safe:

  • Sec. 18-369. – Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor cooking facilities. Outdoor burning shall be prohibited when local circumstances make the fires potentially hazardous. Local circumstances include, but are not limited to, thermal inversions, wind, ozone alerts, and very dry conditions.
  • Sec. 50-4. – Setting fire through negligence. No person shall, in any building or on any premises covered by this chapter, by any means whatsoever, through carelessness, neglect or negligence, set fire to, or cause the burning of, any property in such a manner as to endanger the safety of any person or property by fire or smoke.
  • Sec. 50-262. – Supervision. To ensure life safety and to prevent fires from endangering surrounding property, all open fires shall be under continuous supervision until they are completely extinguished and the remaining embers are cold or have been thoroughly wet down.

Please contact the City of Racine Fire Prevention Bureau at 262-635-7915 with any questions.

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