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There is no doubt that the past year has been terrible both for health and for opportunities. COVID-19 has devastated human life, but it is not just health improvements that will bring us back to the world as we knew it. Millions of people are still looking for jobs in the wake of the devastation.

Where are these jobs going to come from? Medical technology is being seen as a potential source of jobs for so many people. Is it a solution for Racine County residents?

What is medical technology?

Medtech refers to any technology designed to treat health issues. This ranges from equipment used by surgeons to apps used by regular people. In other words, Medtech not only refers to ground-breaking technology that helps doctors diagnose and treat illnesses but even includes building the capacity to buy cheap glasses online.

Medtech is a massive industry, considering the ubiquitous need for healthcare solutions. It is only growing. The pandemic has only provided more problems for medical technology to solve. It is not going anywhere and there are seemingly endless opportunities.

Where are these opportunities?

The problem is that these opportunities are not necessarily accessible for everyone. While there are MedTech companies in Racine and throughout Wisconsin, technology startups are mostly concentrated in states like California. Silicon Valley still holds a lot of sway, bringing young entrepreneurs and inventors from around the country and the world.

So if all the big companies and startups are going to California, do unemployed residents of Racine County have a chance of making it in this sector?

The reality is that the work world is becoming more and more remote. Even before COVID-19, millions of people were choosing to work from home in a freelance or contract capacity. COVID-19 normalized this further, helping many big companies realize that even their full time employees could work from home. As long as the work gets done, they don’t need someone physically looking over their shoulders.

Racine County residents who have experience in technology and/or health can search for old businesses and startups alike online. Sites like LinkedIn are great for finding established companies. AngelList is a great site to find the newest startups in every field imaginable.

Search for Medtech companies that have job opportunities listed. Then, get your profile up to scratch and apply for the jobs.

Do you need Medtech experience?

Of course, if you have experience working in the Medtech industry, you will have an advantage. But many jobs in the Medtech industry have nothing to do with medicine or technology. There are administrative, logistics, copywriting, and marketing positions available, as well as much more.

Some companies prefer to hire employees with experience in different sectors, or who have not been disillusioned in the workforce yet. Unless they explicitly tell you that you need specific experience in the industry that you don’t have, you can make a position yours.

Medtech is an industry that will only continue to grow. It already provides tens of millions of jobs, and it may be where you find big opportunities post-COVID-19.