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A surfing apparel company is coming to Racine, Wisconsin. How can it be? The cold and windy winters don’t seem like ideal surfing conditions, but in Wisconsin, they actually are. For Madisyn Jensen, Lake Michigan serves as her playground.

Wandering Waves Surf Company

The water is the reason for her soon-to-be company. She’s sharing her love for the earth and the sport of surfing by creating this brand.

Heart in Racine

The 2014 graduate from Walden III is hoping to launch her business with surfing-related apparel and other accessories in the fall of 2021. The 24-year-old grew up watching her parents excel as business owners. So, now she’s becoming one. Her family owns Jensen Concrete and Jensen Plumbing

Owner of Wandering Waves Surf Company, Madisyn Jensen

She’s keeping the company local and eco-friendly to support her mission of creating a better planet. Jensen has the ideas and her dad is helping her with the back end of the business. As a family, they have their hearts in the Racine community. Jensen also works as a dance instructor at Dance Art Center.

Jensen wants to appeal to the Racine population and educate them about surfing and protecting the waters. Through her future apparel brand, she hopes to achieve just that.

Protecting the Waters

“Being easy on the planet is the foundation of it all,” says Wandering Waves Surf Company.

The company has been a long time coming. Jensen is combining what she loves to do with what she wants to do for work. She is an advocate for creating a healthier planet, and her company is a testament to that.

She says, “a big thing is that realizing a love for the water or surfing doesn’t just mean the ocean. We are right here on the lake. Protecting the waters includes Lake Michigan. This is home.”

The launch of her company is starting in her backyard, but Jensen has plans to branch out. With her love for travel, she plans to incorporate other spots on the map.

“I am focusing on products that are kind. I want to preserve the places that I like to play and that includes lake Michigan,” says Jensen.

Local Surfing

While local surfing may not be an everyday sport in Wisconsin, Wandering Waves Surf Company is for everyone. Jensen says, “for the water lovers, for the wanderers and everyone in between, this company is for you.”

Are you thinking about wanting to learn to surf? Reach out to Jensen on Instagram by clicking here or visiting the website coming soon here.

Not only is Jensen a resource, but for those looking to get more involved, visit Lake Effect Surf Shop in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Learn to surf, buy gear, and take lessons locally. Jensen recommends Lake Effect Surf Shop for those who are looking to dive into the midwest surfing community.

Stay Tuned

Future Design for Wandering Waves Surf Company

While Wandering Waves Surf Company has not officially launched yet, connect with Jensen. Take advantage of Lake Michigan and what it has to offer this summer. Until then, here is how you can help:

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