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RACINE – High winds from a thunderstorm damaged a historic building in Downtown Racine late Wednesday. No injuries were reported.

Parts of the upper façade of the building at 440 Main St. (corner of Fifth and Main) littered a portion of Fifth Street in front of Monument Square.

“We’re thankful that no one was hurt. That’s the most important thing,” said Cary Manske of Mount Royal Property Management, the firm that manages the property. She said that no further information was available as the extent of the damage was being reviewed Thursday morning.

A brief, intense thunderstorm moved south along the lakefront between about 10 and 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Property records show the building is owned by 401 Wisconsin LLC.

The property, known locally as the Haymarket Square Building, was originally constructed for the Manufacturer’s National Bank and redesigned into its present appearance in 1919, according to the Racine Heritage Museum.

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