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MOUNT PLEASANT – A resurfacing of Highway C (Spring Street) between the I-94 East Frontage Road and Highway H here is scheduled to begin next Monday (July 12).

The project will be completed in two phases. In Phase I, the highway will be closed between the East Frontage Road and Highway V to allow the resurfacing to be done more quickly as well as for the safety of highway crews. Traffic will be detoured on the East Frontage Road to Highway 20 to Highway V.

The second phase of the resurfacing will begin in later July and will involve closing Highway C between Highways V and H. The detour route for Phase II will be Highway V to Highway 20 to Highway H.

Motorists may use Highway C to access the homes and businesses within the project area. The Racine County Department of Public Works will work to maintain normal school bus service and through traffic at Highway C intersections. Motorists should be prepared for minor delays during the resurfacing project.

“Resurfacing allows us to extend the life of our roads,” Julie Anderson, Racine County Public Works & Development Services Director, said in a news release. “We ask that you be patient during this time and plan accordingly.”

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