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We can all agree that corn tastes sweeter when it’s from a farm stand, right? Maybe it’s because it’s quick, easy, and convenient. However, picking up some veggies at a roadside stand can also be a great way to support local farmers.

Farmer’s markets are another great way to shop locally and get homegrown produce. Read about the different farmer’s markets in the area by clicking here. However, sometimes it’s tough to swing by those kinds of events.

Here are five farm stands we think you should check out this summer in Racine County.

1. Gall’s Garden Produce Farm

Located at 141 S Stuart Road in Mount Pleasant, Gall’s Garden Produce Farm offers a wide variety of different vegetables and fruits. Produce is currently starting to harvest. Gall posts updates on their Facebook page here.

Farm Stand
The Sweet Corner

You can expect to see baby red potatoes, super sweet onions, sugar snap peas, beets, and zucchini. They also have their own garlic powder and popcorn for sale. Please note that inventory is continually changing too.

2. The Sweet Corner

The Sweet Corner is a self-serve farm stand located at the intersection of Newman Rd. and Independence Rd. in Mount Pleasant. Help yourself to sweet corn and other vegetables all summer long. The Sweet Corner is run by Borzynski’s Farm & Floral Market, 1600 Washington Ave.

Produce comes from Georgia and locally. To see what is available and for updates, check out The Sweet Corner Facebook page here.

3. Golden Age Farm

Golden Age Farm Stand

Golden Age Farm is a one-stop shop for homegrown and handmade goods. They offer samples, fresh-cut florals, in-season produce, tasty preserves, festive wreaths & gourds, and handmade gifts.

Availability of products is dependent on the season. Golden Age Farm is located at  4 1/2 Mile Rd & Erie St. Visit their Facebook page for more information by clicking here.

4. Zerzanek Farm

Zerzanek Farm Stand

Zerzanek Farm has been around since 1927. Through the years, their family farm has served people living in Wind Point. The season changes what’s available at their stand. They’ve offered cucumbers, beans, flowers, eggplant, onions, and more in their past.

Stop on by the Zeranek Farm located at 332 Four Mile Road to check out what they have in stock. Find Zerzanek Farm on Instagram by clicking here.

5. Maybelle Farm & Flower Market

Maybelle Farm & Flower Market is located at 8708 County Road V in Caledonia. The flower and produce stand is located on the west side of the road and north of 7 1/2 mile Rd. Visit the farm and help yourself to a bouquet of flowers that were grown locally. The stand also offers different vegetables, microgreens, eggs, artisan gifts, coffee, and lemonade.

For behind the scenes and to keep up with what is stocked at the stand, follow Maybelle Farm & Flower Market on Instagram here.

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