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Thank you, Governor Evers and members of the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate for your bipartisan effort to exempt the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award from state income tax. In particular, we acknowledge Representative David Bowen for his work submitting the proposal for inclusion in Governor Evers’s Executive Budget and Senator Dale Kooyenga for supporting the proposal through the Joint Committee on Finance and into the final budget legislation.

Wisconsin AmeriCorps members provide critical service throughout the state in education, conservation, health care, addiction recovery, disaster response, and through supporting a huge array of other vital local efforts. This exemption recognizes and rewards their valuable service and contributions.

Eliminating the state income tax will help those that have already made a difference statewide and create an incentive to help to keep these dedicated individuals in our state following their service.  In addition, the exemption will attract new AmeriCorps members to serve in Wisconsin and use their education award at our outstanding colleges and universities.


 Jeanne Duffy 
Executive Director 
Serve Wisconsin