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Racine County Executive, Jonathan Delagrave, recognizes the commitment that Racine Health Care Network volunteer, Dr. William J. Little Jr, has given to the Racine community. Dr. Little has served as a volunteer at the health center for 32 years and is planning to retire.

However, that’s not all Dr. Little has accomplished throughout his career. According to the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health’s magazine, it is noted that Dr. Little graduated high school in 1939. By the age of 22, he earned his medical degree.

Career in Medicine

“Little completed a rotating internship at Presbyterian Hospital (now Rush University Medical Center) in Chicago and an internal medicine residency at Wayne County General Hospital in Detroit—where he met Dorothy Kraudelt, a nurse who later became his wife, with whom he raised four children. Little then completed a cardiovascular fellowship at the University of Michigan and returned to Wisconsin, where he worked at the state tuberculosis (TB) sanatorium” says Quartly Magazine.

Dr. Little has had a long and distinguished career. Of his accomplishments included being a member of the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He actively treated patients diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Dr. Little was Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. As he made his way back to Racine in 1954 he started his own private practice. At the time, he additionally worked for the TB sanatoria in Racine and Kenosha counties.

His accomplishments only continued as he gained experience. In the article published by Quarrtley Magazine, he says, “I was happy when a pulmonologist came to Kenosha in the 1970s because, for several years, I had been the only pulmonologist in this corner of the state outside of Milwaukee.”

Dr. Little served as the medical director of respiratory care departments and pulmonary-function laboratories at the two Racine hospitals. Likewise, for 2 years, he was President of the Wisconsin Thoracic Society.

Recognizing Dr. Little

In addition, he has actively volunteered in the community, including the Health Care Network where he has donated his time and expertise providing health care for families in need. He started by offering his service pro-bono and this led to a long-lasting volunteer career.

Dr. Little also served as the president and as a board member. Likewise, in Racine, Dr. Little continued practicing his love for medicine by serving on additional boards which included the City of Racine Board of Health and Geriatric Assessment Center. For 10 years, he even worked as the medical director of a nursing home, that had been on the verge of losing accreditation but was rescued.

His commitment to Racine has been astounding. His service cannot go unrecognized as his days volunteering are nearing the end.

Dr. William J. Little Jr. Day

July 13th is now proclaimed as “Dr. William J. Little Jr Day”, County Executive Delagrave remarked, “through his tireless work and remarkable generosity, Dr. Little has made an enormous impact on the health and well-being of Racine County residents while strengthening an important community asset in the Racine Health Care Network. His passion for and commitment to serving his community is unparalleled and a shining example for us all.”

Healthcare Workers in Racine

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