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Though modern weather technology has advanced in several ways, severe storms still creep up on us. Whether it’s a sudden rain shower or light sprinkle, it’s still difficult to tell what the weather will look like by the time it reaches us. Therefore, if a tornado develops on the horizon, you should already have everything you need to keep yourself safe from it. These are the top emergency essentials to have during a tornado and how they can get you through this crisis.

A Storm Shelter

When you live in a tornado-prone area, the first thing you should consider getting is a quality storm shelter. These bunkers help keep you protected from the harsh winds and debris by holding up against all manners of exterior stress. There are several other important things to know about them: their ability to resist flooding and their specialized venting design that allows for proper airflow.

Survival Supplies

Naturally, survival supplies are also emergency essentials to have during a tornado. This list includes a sizable stash of water, food, and anything else that will keep you comfortable in your storm shelter. Some potential items are blankets and pillows, a flashlight, toilet paper, and a general first aid kit to treat injuries. If you happen to have prescribed medications, keeping these in your kit is beneficial as well.

Safety Gear

Another important set of items to acquire is safety gear. After all, these garments help protect some of your body’s most sensitive areas and having them on hand is the key to preventing serious injuries. So, make sure you collect sets of thick gloves, safety glasses, and helmets just in case you need them.

Important Documents

You should keep copies of your legal documents in your storm shelter as well. Things like the deed to your home and birth certificates are difficult to replace after destruction, and these papers are vital to life on the grid. The less you lose in a tornado, the easier you can pick up the pieces afterward.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.