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WIND POINT – About 35 to 40 Deepwood Preservation Committee (DPC) members and friends protested against a planned development in the 4400 block of North Main Street here last Thursday afternoon.

The 90-minute protest included signs, chanting and some burning incense “in order to offer homage to the Great Spirit of the Forest who is deeply offended by the future development,” reported John Polodna, a DPC member.

At issue is a wooded tract of land at North Main and Deepwood Drive that the Village of Wind Point has owned since 2017. The Wind Point Village Board on July 1 voted to sell the western 30 percent of the land (about 5 acres) to KPW Investments and retain the rest, the Journal Times reported Monday. KPW plans to develop the property it purchased into four building lots for single-family homes. The sale transaction was completed last Friday.

Village officials say the development is needed to add to the village’s tax base to pay for ongoing services. They have estimated the development would generate about $540,000 to $550,000 in property taxes over 50 years, the Journal Times reported.

DPC members contend that those tax revenue estimates are “generous,” said Polodna. They want to see the entire property left in its nature state and have made their feelings known to village officials since the village acquired the land. At one point, the DPC collected more than 400 village residents’ signatures opposing any development on the property.

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