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RACINE- According to a recent survey conducted by the World Economic Forum and Ipsos, 86% of people want to live in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to help preserve the planet’s resources. Currently only 30% of the household and commercial waste that is produced in America is recycled – the rest of it is sent to landfill, which is damaging the soil, harming wildlife, and ultimately releasing toxins into our water system. Small changes, such as actively recycling waste can really make a difference, and it is something that the individual can take responsibility for. Racine as a county is also playing a valuable part in becoming more eco-friendly, from building more sustainable homes to actively helping small businesses to recycle

An eco-friendly home

The first step towards sustainability is for the individual to take responsibility, and this means starting the eco-friendly journey at home. There are lots of ways to make your home greener and more efficient, by upgrading your installation and installing solar panels. There are many building suppliers in Racine that can help you to use sustainable building materials at home, including Robin’s Timber and Johnstone Supply. Shopping in a more eco-friendly way can also help you to live in a more sustainable way. Wherever possible, try to use local vendors, craftsmen and artisans, and you will cut down your carbon footprint. Racine County has a plethora of ethical shops, including Cultivated in Burlington and Sheepish in downtown Racine. 

Recycling in Racine

Items for recycling in Racine are collected every other week by the curbside, and don’t worry, if you fill up your recycling cart, you can always order a second one. You can recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, glass containers and bottles and cans. Along with the household recycling scheme, Racine County also has a recycling service for home appliances, computers and electronics, and even Christmas trees. If you have organic food waste, such as potato peelings, one of the best ways to deal with this at home is to compost it, rather than put it into the general household waste. The compost can then be put onto your garden to enrich the soil and help wildlife

Visioning a Greater Racine 

The Visioning a Greater Racine (VGR) project has been championing sustainable and eco-friendly living throughout the county. They are pushing policies to keep a good balance between the green and developed areas within the county, and in particular, preserving the Great Lakes. VGR has been working with communities and schools to promote the practices to enhance natural assets. The goal is to educate the residents of Racine County about the importance of eco-friendly practices and sustainability, to build a better future for the next generation. 

Racine County is always pushing to improve sustainability and to help residents become more eco-friendly. You too can contribute to saving the planet every day, by recycling your waste and making green choices at home.