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Most new home buyers will agree that having a fence adds a welcome level of elegance and security. Having your own domain to come and go in as you please and having the ability to say that you own your yard free of any distractions is a luxury that most take for granted. Here are the top reasons to fence in your yard if you’re curious as to why people tend to do it.


We all want to live in safe and secure communities with neighbors and friends whom we can trust, but anything can happen at a moment’s notice. Secondly, if you have children or you’re hosting a guest, you’ll want them to feel as comfortable as you. The security you have will determine how contented you are in your own home.


When you get a fence and have your property gated, you gain a sense of security because you have a border between your yard and the outside world. To further supplement it, you can install cameras, corner floodlights with LEDs, and even have a dog to protect the backyard while you’re sleeping.


Having a yard can offer different benefits for various people, but no matter what, it always serves as a recreational space. Perhaps you have children and let them use their own imaginations to utilize the space. Or maybe you’re an avid gardener, and you want to turn your backyard into a lush English garden.

Maybe you enjoy the more luxurious things in life and have a large wood deck for relaxing nights and weekends at home. No matter what your pleasure, the yard is always a place to be yourself. A fence ensures that the borders of your outdoor space are defined, allowing you to use it to its fullest.


Not everyone is social, and many enjoy having their downtime to decompress and get away from the world. Most homeowners work full-time as well. So, it’s nice for them to come home to a place where they can have everything at their fingertips and nothing to stress them out. Additionally, many people enjoy bird watching and grilling or barbecuing by themselves because it provides time alone to relax. Fences aid these activities by keeping prying eyes out of the yard.

Curb Appeal

Homes that lack fences or have old, worn-down ones have a hard time selling. And this makes sense since they lack that charm and elegance that we all long for. The look of a house with a fence has the appearance of something that someone is protecting and maintaining well. This is yet another reason to look at a home that has a privacy and security fence. If you have a dilapidated fence, you should replace it for the same reason as well.

You can see why someone would want to have a fence around their property. If anything, it increases the value of the home, but it does so much more. Through the top reasons to fence in your yard, you should now be familiar with the benefits of having such a feature.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.