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RACINE– The City of Racine Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department (PRCS) has announced the results of the Lake F/X Games held on Saturday, July 24, at the Pershing Park B3 Skate Park.   

Placing in the Scooter-ama Competition:

11 & Under               1st place – Brody Ervin

Division                     2nd place – Travis

                                3rd place – Aiden Nalquist

Beginner Division      1st place – Brayden Young

                                2nd place – Brody Ervin

  3rd place – Travis

                                  4th place – Aiden Nalquist

Intermediate            1st place – Joseph

Division                     2nd place – Jayden Oparka

Expert Division         1st place – Cream

                                2nd place – Connor Jirenu

                                3rd place –  Jayden Oparka

                                 4th place – Ricky

Placing in the Lake F/X Skateboard Competition:

Intermediate             1st place – David Ruiz

Division                     2nd place – Eric Zinke

                                 3rd place – Steven Burdo

Expert Division        1st place – Quinn Brown

                                2nd place – Billy Testa

                                3rd place – Josh

                                4th place – Simon Freemon

Placing in the BM-X-Treme Bike Competition:

11 & Under              1st place – Brody Ervin

Division                   2nd place – Trip Reber

                               3rd place – Nova Newberry

                                4th place – Travis

Beginner Division    1st place – River

                               2nd place – Gavyn

                               3rd place – Andrew

                                4th place – Riot

Intermediate            1st place – Isaiah Giron

                               2nd place – Jack Hansen

                                3rd place – Tyler Bohm

                                4th place – Lucas Caleson

Expert Division        1st place – Tyler Hill

                                2nd place – Dakota Lampert

                                3rd place – Austin Urban

                                4th place – Blake Osborn