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A warehouse or similar storage facility will pose many threats to the workers on the floor. Some of the dangers may be due to mechanical failures, while others originate from user error while handling equipment. Whatever the case may be, knowing how you can make your warehouse a safer place will create a more comfortable environment for workers, increasing job satisfaction and productivity across the board. Know what you can do to eliminate safety threats and mitigate the damage in the event one happens.

Practice Shelving Safety

The most critical features in any warehouse are the pallet racks. Without those racks, storage space becomes severely limited. But you must ensure that everyone working directly around these racks knows how to utilize them safely. Vehicles collisions, overstocked shelves, and faulty construction all present safety risks for workers. Each one threatens the collapse of the rack system.

Make Everyone Accountable

Ensure workers know the weight limit of each shelf. They should also be aware that they should never exceed that limit. Stress the importance of clearance space with forklift operators when they pass by shelving units. A momentary lapse in judgment can cause them to bump into a rack, compromising its structure.

Signage Is Important

While you must educate employees on all necessary safety protocols, you also need to make sure they have quick refreshers around the warehouse. Posting easily accessible and visible signs will reinforce what you taught them and guarantee no one has an excuse to forget their responsibilities. Whether these signs state the weight limit of shelves or warn workers of slippery surfaces, they’re vital parts of promoting greater safety in your warehouse.


It takes a lot to illuminate a warehouse. There can be several small areas where lighting has difficulty reaching due to the floor’s design. But this lighting is necessary so that workers don’t accidentally trip over obscured objects and injure themselves. Lighting also assists forklift drivers as they move through the facility, ensuring they can clearly see the corners of racks to avoid them.

Have Ways To Prevent Accidents

With so many hazards in a warehouse, it’s essential you know how to formulate strategies to prevent accidents before they happen. Preparedness is pivotal to safety. You need to be ready for any reasonable incident, whether it’s the outbreak of a fire, a vehicular incident, or the compromising of your racks.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.