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RACINE – A Racine man was charged with multiple drug-related offenses, including cocaine and marijuana manufacture/delivery, last week following a lengthy investigation by the Racine County Metro Drug Unit.

The Racine County District Attorney’s Office charged Ricardo Westman-Patricio, 29, of 2922 Douglas Ave., with three counts of maintaining a drug trafficking place, two counts of manufacture/delivery of cocaine, and two counts of manufacture/delivery of THC (marijuana). Each of the charges includes an enhanced penalty for use of a dangerous weapon.

A $1,000 cash bond was set last Friday at an initial court appearance. Westman-Patricio was also ordered not to possess or control any weapons and not to consume any controlled substances. He is subject to random drug screenings and/or breathalyzer tests through the Racine County Alternatives Program.

According to the criminal complaint, a confidential informant made three purchases from Westman-Patricio between April 30 and August 6. The purchases were made from his vehicle at locations in Mount Pleasant and Racine.

One transaction involved “a white chunky/powder substance” that later tested positive for cocaine. A second transaction involved “a white chunky/powder substance” that later tested positive for cocaine and “a square green edible substance” that later tested positive for THC. A third transaction involved “five red cube-shaped items made from a rubber/gel type substance” that later tested positive for THC. At this transaction, Westman-Patricio showed the informant a substance that he identified as Kratom, a Schedule I drug, and told the informant that it could be purchased in the future, the complaint stated.

Racine County Metro Drug Unit agents executed a search warrant of Westman-Patricio’s Douglas Avenue residence and his vehicle, a black Ford Fusion, about 11 a.m. last Thursday. Westman-Patricio was apprehended while driving his vehicle in the area of 1600 N. Memorial Drive. In a search of the vehicle, officers found a loaded Canik 9-mm semi-automatic handgun, additional magazines loaded with 9-mm ammunition, a loaded AR-rifle, and additional loaded magazines for the rifle.

In addition, officers found a substance that Westman-Patricio identified as Kratom. That substance will be tested later to confirm. The search of his vehicle also yielded a cell phone and $90 in cash.

Westman-Patricio told officers that he keeps the guns in his vehicle or on his person at all times, according to the complaint.

Westman-Patricio was taken into custody Thursday and held in the Racine County Jail until his initial court appearance on Friday afternoon.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 26 at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center, 717 Wisconsin Ave., Racine.

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