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In Uptown Racine, there is a new mural on the corner of Anne Street and 16th Street. A local artist, Thyla Arden, unveiled her creation of giant flamingos and flowers on August 11, 2021. The South African-born artist relocated to Racine and became involved with the local art scene. She has two murals completed in Uptown Racine.

Art for Uptown
Emma Widmar poses in front of the mural on Ann St.

Art For Uptown

Arden volunteers for #ArtForUptown, a grassroots community organization. This community-centered initiative welcomes the idea to bring more public art into the Uptown Racine neighborhood. From design to finish, she is in charge of the process.

Not only does Arden enjoy creating art as a volunteer, but also as a professional. The Racine County Eye recognized her as a business spotlight as of last year.

About the Art

On the side of a red building on Anne Street, you can see this artist’s recent creations. In November of 2019, she painted “Dreamer,” which was inspired by an African queen.

The muralist’s most recent project was creating a scene that showcases multiple flamingos within a floral setting. Arden refers to it as the “Mai Tai boys.”

The murals are interactive. The #ArtForUptown movement welcomes community members to take photos with the murals. There are additional murals located around Uptown Racine to view.

Connect with Art

Become a part of the #ArtforUptown community by reaching out here. Additional ways to get involved are by participating in the #ArtforUptown Bi-weekly Uptown Cleanup nights.

On social media, tag @colorofarden in photos featuring the murals.

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