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As the days get shorter and family time transitions indoors, add a little spookiness to your entertainment with a mystery podcast. Written and produced just for kids and families, these seven podcasts combine the perfect amount of suspense with fun to leave everyone in the family begging for just one more episode!

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Winner and nominee of several awards for writing and production—most notably a Peabody—this ongoing story is performed by kids for kids. You’ll follow along with a group of friends and an eccentric billionaire as they try to solve the disappearance of two other children (and a lot of other crazy occurrences along the way). As one of the first serialized podcasts for kids, Mars Patel has stood the test of time and is a great place to start listening with your family.

The Mystery Kids

For a non-fiction mystery podcast that you’ll enjoy listening to with your kids, try The Mystery Kids. Billed as a kid-friendly “Unsolved Mysteries,” this podcast features explorations of the strange, bizarre, baffling, and downright crazy phenomena in our world. Episodes range from the mythical (like Chupacabra and Moth Man) to the incredible (like Mega Lightning and The Pyramids). If you have a curious scientist (or skeptic!) at your house, check out this podcast together.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

One of the most entertaining kids’ podcasts around (and truly suitable for all ages), The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian features a serialized story that gets more complex (and more unbelievable!) as time goes on. Not only is space explorer Finn trying to solve a mystery that threatens his home, but he has to help untangle silly misadventures along the way! Superfans’ ideas are included in many episodes, so your kids will have fun listening to their peers share crazy storylines week to week. This science-fiction mystery also includes lots of laughs, so be prepared for a rowdy bedtime if this is playing at night!

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Six Minutes

A real thriller with sometimes heavy themes (e.g. are my parents really who they say they are?), this mystery podcast is great for slightly older kids (8+). Delivered in six-minute installments, listeners follow Holiday as she discovers special abilities and tries to uncover her past. With everything from robots to spies, hoverboards to helicopters, this podcast is great for families who want intrigue and a few cliffhangers!

Professor Theo’s Mystery Lab

If a town full of superhero kids, giant bugs, and teens who travel through time sounds exciting (and a little bit mysterious), then buckle up as you enter the world of Splendid, West Virginia. Stories told by Professor Theo (whose mystery lab seems to be involved in a lot of strange happenings) give listeners a glimpse into the crazy adventures in this town and leave them wondering what in the world makes this spot so mysterious?! The short episodes are fun, engaging, and provide just the right amount of mystery and suspense for kids.

Opal Watson Private Eye

If you were a fan of Nancy Drew mysteries growing up, this original podcast fromPinna should be on your list. Featuring 11-year-old Opal, each episode follows her quest to solve a mystery, big or small, as part of her own sleuthing business. Because the podcast is hosted exclusively on Pinna, you’ll need a subscription (several plans are available), but the ad-free experience and catalog of other kid-friendly podcasts and music makes this additional service worth it.

A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club

Another Pinna original, the A to Z Mysteries podcast is based on the popular series of books by Ron Roy. Kids can join their favorite characters and become part of the Clue Club as they listen to the short episodes featuring everything from runaway robots to buried pirate treasure! This is a great choice for car rides when you have a captive audience that can listen to the story and spot clues themselves – challenge your kids to solve the mystery first!

Cozy up with the kids and start listening to one of these mystery podcasts today!

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