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Maybe your pregnancy test came back “positive” last week or you got that amazing promotion at work and will be transferring to a new city.

Or perhaps you signed the closing papers on your first home or recently became engaged to the love of your life.

All of these momentously marvelous milestones share two key points in common: Each deserves special recognition that you undoubtedly want to share with others.

Looking for fun and creative ways to communicate your super news with others? Consider the following ideas:

1. Share it in a Holiday Card

Depending on the type of milestone you want to share, including the news in your holiday card often makes the most sense. For instance, if you’ve recently moved to a new home and/or took that fantastic promotion in another city, adding your new address to your photo Christmas cards would be an easy and special way to let others know your great news — as well as your new address. If you’d like, your card can include a photo of you in front of your new digs. Just be sure to mail them out extra early so people have your new address before they send out their own cards.

2. Post on Social Media

Over the years, you’ve probably seen a fair share of happy news announcements made by friends on social media. Of course, one major benefit of getting the word out through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is that you can rejoice in the excitement with a large number of friends and family at once. And while turning to social media is commonplace and easy, know that there can be some pros and cons to this approach.

When sharing news of a pregnancy to social media, experts say that although these announcements are usually met with a flurry of congratulatory comments (and plenty of heart emojis), you’ll also probably have to deal with a few unhelpful replies like, “Better get ready to spend all of your money on diapers,” or, “Sleep now while you can.” 

Additionally, to avoid ruffling the feathers of people who aren’t or who rarely get on social media, it’s a good idea to follow up your Facebook announcement with some personal texts or calls.

3. Present Someone with a Gift

Certain milestones will be a “gift” of sorts to your close friends and family members, so why not give them a present that announces the news? For example, let’s say you adore your fiancé’s parents and can’t wait for them to become your in-laws. Plus, you know they’ve been looking forward to an engagement announcement. If that’s the case, gift them with something that represents your big news. Case in point: A mother-in-law and father-in-law coffee mug set that includes your wedding date or a fancy bottle of wine with a custom “I said yes!” label.

4. Create a Video Announcement

Another creative way to announce exciting news is with a video announcement that you can then share via text, email and/or social media. On moving day, you could use your smartphone to record a short and sweet video of the boxes that are ready to be loaded onto the truck and then let people know you’re moving to your dream home. Then, once settled, you could follow up with a second video with footage of your new place. You can use this approach to virtually any type of news you want to share.

Way to Go!

No matter what type of incredible news you want to scream from the mountaintops, sharing it with the people who matter most to you will make the occasion even more positive and memorable. Whether you go with a holiday card, social media post, personalized gift, or video announcement, there are definitely fun and meaningful ways to get the word out to others.

Rating: 5 out of 5.