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If you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of bread you eat in your day-to-day routine, there are tons of healthy options! Bread substitutes range from quick and easy sandwich bread sub-ins to more involved recipes, fit for a four-course meal.

You might have a gluten sensitivity, a change to your lifestyle, or just want to cut a few carbs. But whether you want to replace bread once a week or forever, one thing’s for sure – with these substitutes, you won’t miss it!

  1. Lettuce & Cabbage 

Lettuce and cabbage are the standards for creating Asian-inspired cups of your favorite chicken, fish, or pork mixes. Large lettuce leaves are also great bread substitutes for deli wraps like a classic Italian meat and cheese affair or a pita replacement for lamb kofta or falafel sandwiches.

  1. Sweet Potatoes (slices or cubes)

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and they’re half the calories of bread! Use sliced baked rounds to sandwich slow cooker sliders, or toss sweet potato cubes into a casserole like this Cheesy Chicken dish. Sweet potato is also the ideal (and most delicious) substitute for toast if you’re a fan of warm, sweet breakfast foods but looking for a healthier alternative. And it’s so easy to make!

  1. Eggplant

Eggplant slices are the perfect size to sub in as burger buns as you’ll see in this garlic-crusted bun recipe. They also make a nice base for mini pizzas or eggs benedict. If you’re looking to replace more than just bread during the week, baked eggplant can even fill in as chips, noodles, and more!

  1. Portobello Mushrooms

Like eggplant rounds, portobello tops are also the perfect size to sub-in for buns. Try these Portobello Mushroom Buns with your favorite burgers, veggie burgers, or just stuff them with cheese and goodies, and you’ll forget you ever wanted bread in the first place. Did we mention portobello slices make great “toast” to top with avocado or egg, like in this Whole30 recipe?

  1. Cauliflower

This versatile vegetable has become popular recently as a substitute pizza crust, but cauliflower can substitute for even more in the realm of bread! Try these cheesy cauliflower breadsticks or this Keto Cauliflower Bread loaf.

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  1. Eggs

While eggs are often a bread-filler, they can also function as the bread themselves. Eggs are especially delicious as the bread replacement for breakfast sandwiches like this Bunless Bacon, Egg, and Cheese.

  1. Cloud Bread

Cloud Bread is made from eggs, but instead of just frying one or two and calling it good, Cloud Bread incorporates cream cheese and a dash of salt. Whisk them together and bake them into buns – they’re perfect for lunchtime sandwiches!

  1. Nori Sheets

Most often used to wrap sushi, nori sheets are great for wrapping rolls of all sorts, like this chickpea “tuna” or this breakfast wrap with egg and avocado. Or go for a more traditional nori roll of vegetables and cucumber and a variety of sushi-grade fish.

  1. Oatcakes

Old-fashioned oatcakes like these can be a great substitute for toast or bread to enjoy along with soup or a dip or spread. These have lots of good fiber to keep you full and help regulate blood sugar.

  1. Ancient Grains

Ancient grains like farro and quinoa are high in fiber and protein. They make great bases for bowls topped with roasted veggies and meats and great sides for a fish or steak filet.

Bread replacements can be easy, simple, whole foods like lettuce, mushrooms, or eggplant or complex bread-like recipes made from alternative ingredients. Whatever your nutrition needs or flavor preference, these ten options will give you a great place to start!

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