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The Racine Zoo welcomes a wallaroo named Jiemba. This 21-month old recently made a move from Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California, to Racine. His transition is a part of the Species Survival Plan’s efforts.

Species Survival Plans, or SSPs, are cooperative efforts between accredited zoos, aquariums, and their partners around the country – and sometimes around the world to further species and ensure healthy populations for the future.

The conversation about bringing a male wallaroo from the Oakland Zoo to Racine Zoo started in August 2020. Jiemba’s move took a whole year to bring to fruition. Obstacles such as travel restrictions, closures, and other issues delayed Jiemba’s arrival. However, he has now comfortably adjusted to his new home at the Racine Zoo. Jiemba’s favorite activities are grazing and lounging.

Visiting Jiemba

Jiemba has two exhibit mates, Millie and Alinga. Once Jiemba is older, the Species Survival Plan hopes that he will breed with Millie and Alinga. Are you planning a trip to the zoo? Visit the Walkabout Creek exhibit. Zoo goers will be able to spot Jiemba because of his dark gray coloring and fur. Among the Walkabout Creek exhibit is also two red kangaroos, three grey kangaroos, and an emu.

“We are so excited to finally be able to welcome Jiemba to the Racine Zoo,” said Angie Sagert, Animal Care Supervisor at the Racine Zoo and primary caretaker of Walkabout Creek.

All About the Wallaroo

While still under the age of 2 years old, Jiemba is considered young. However, he is nearing adult size and reaching full maturity. Wallaroos are cousins of kangaroos found in eastern Australia.

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