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Racine Unified School District’s Academies of Racine is hosting a 2021 SEE Your Future Expo. The expo allows freshmen to experience career-related, hands-on demonstrations and engage in activities in a broad variety of careers. 

These experiences that will take place at the SEE Your Future Expo will help to forge a relevant link between what students are learning in school and what future career opportunities are available.

This is a foundation for Racine Unified School District students. It allows them to select their career pathway and have tremendous impact on our community.

As Racine Unified School District navigates the pandemic they have become creative as a way to offer career-building experiences. This year the hybrid model of the SEE Your Future Expo will continue.

Alex DeBaker, Executive Director of Academies & Transformation says, ” I am excited to announce we will be making this year’s Expo a week-long event in an effort to expose students to a variety of careers in their community. We will be offering our community partners the opportunity to engage with our students in a variety of platforms. We hope you will take the opportunity to be on a live, virtual panel discussion, in-person guest speaker, virtual guest speaker, and/or take the time to create a brief 3-5 minute video of your experience in your profession.”

Live Panel Discussions

Over the course of November 8 – 12, the Academies of Racine will be hosting a live, virtual panel discussion each day from 8:45 am – 9:30 am. Your participation day will be determined by the career(s) your company/organization would like to highlight.

Racine Unified is dividing the attendance of our high schools across three separate panels for similar career clusters. These will take place at the same time each day of the Expo. The goal is to have three to five guest speakers per panel group, if possible.

For example, if you register three people with the same career, each person would participate on the same day and time, but in one of three separate Zoom discussion panel rooms divided amongst the high schools.

Below is the career cluster breakdown for each day:

Monday, November 8

  • Business Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Culinary Arts

Tuesday, November 9

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Automotive

Wednesday, November 10

  • Health Services
  • Biomedical Science

Thursday, November 11

  • Construction Trades

Friday, November 12

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Protective Services

Once registered for the event, you will be asked to select a day for a member of your team to participate in one of the Expo informational prep sessions. These sessions will help define the logistics of the day in more detail.

How to Register

Click here to register.

Contact The Academies of Racine Team by Email: or Phone: 262-631-7088 with questions.

Career Videos

For this year’s Expo, Racine Unified School District would like to expand their Career Video Library to help with student career exploration.

They would like to have a 3-5 minute video, if possible, highlighting some of the following information:


  • Your name, where you work, job title and anything else you would like to share about yourself

Engagement and Interactivity

  • Provide footage of you doing work at your organization (or footage of your company performing it’s key function)
  • If you are unable to provide engagement and interactivity footage due to restrictions, consider the following: describe your daily interactions with other people.

Career-related questions (feel free to use any or all of the following examples)

  • What classes should students take in high school to better prepare for your career field?
  • How has your career field changed in the past ten years?
  • What will your career field look like in the next ten years?
  • What are the rewards of working in your career field?
  • What education beyond high school is needed for your career field?
  • What are some of the special challenges or problems in your career area?
  • How do you enter into your career field?
  • What are some of the skills that are most important to your position or career field?

Feel free to share any videos that you may have already made. A quick video made on your cell phone works fine.

All videos should be sent to the Academies of Racine E-mail address as either an accessible link or video file. YouTube video links are encouraged.

To ensure that Freshmen have time to review career videos before the Expo, we ask videos be submitted no later than Friday, October 29.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Your contribution is appreciated.