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The Muskego Warriors football team survived in the final minute of a wild fourth quarter as they won at home over Arrowhead on Friday night. Carson Hollman gave the Warriors the final score of the game with 33 seconds remaining to give Muskego the 53-49 win.

“It was just like a video game, each team kept scoring,” Muskego head coach Kenneth Krause said. “From a fan perspective, it was as good a game as you could ever watch as it literally came down to the last play.”

Muskego’s Hunter Logan and Arrowhead’s Alijah Maher-Parr both had two rushing touchdowns as the Warriors held a 21-14 lead after the first quarter. After a 25-yard field goal from Muskego’s Nikita Gladhov, Maher-Parr added rushing touchdowns of 70 and six yards as Arrowhead went into the fourth quarter with a 28-24 lead. 

Carson Hollman helped Muskego regain the lead with a three-yard touchdown run before Arrowhead used a safety and two more rushing touchdowns from Maher-Parr to grab a 42-31 lead with 10:04 remaining in the fourth quarter. Muskego used rushing touchdowns from Logan and Hollman to regain a 46-42 lead with 3:16 remaining in the game. 

“We kept hammering it down on the sidelines that we were going to win,” Krause said “Our defense was going to get that one stop on them, and we were going to take the lead on them. The kids really bought into that.”

With 2:57 remaining in the fourth quarter, Maher-Parr added his sixth and final touchdown of the game with a 55-yard rushing touchdown to grab a 49-46 lead. With 33 seconds left in the game, Hollman scored from one yard out to give Muskego the win.

After the win, Krause said that it will be a game to remember and he looks forward to rewatching the game after the season. 

“Those are the games you remember because you don’t remember the blowout games. You remember the come from behind crazy games,” Krause said. “We definitely got that story for another 20 years.”

Dylan Krause was the leading passer in the game as he went 5-for-10 for 128 yards for Muskego in the win. Hollman ran for 208 yards, while Logan ran for 196 yards as both had three rushing touchdowns in the game. 

Maher-Parr ran for 391 of 471 rushing yards with six touchdowns on 30 carries in the game. Zak Miennert ran for 82 yards in the loss, while quarterback threw for 32 yards with only eight completions.

Muskego improves to 5-1 on the season, and takes on Waukesha West on the road next week. Arrowhead falls to 4-2 and takes on Waukesha South in week seven action.