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Working with machines can be dangerous, which is why the government requires safety measures before you operate them. Under OSHA code 1910.212, all devices need to have the appropriate guarding. Meanwhile, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees the standards and activities of over 200,000 companies. The ANSI codes detail specific measures you need to use to stay protected. This article covers some machines that require guards to keep you safe and includes their ANSI code for more detailed instructions.

Guillotine Cutters (ANSI B 65.3-2001)

One of the first machines we encounter when we’re kids are guillotine paper cutters. These cutters are a valuable tool for arts and crafts and precisely cutting paper to perfection. A finger guard protects you from touching the blade, limiting the chance of injuring your fingers.

Alligator Shears (ANSI B11.4-2003)

Alligator shears are great for cutting metal. While using the shears, pieces of metal may fly up and damage your hands. The guard prevents the metal from scratching, marking, or otherwise damaging anything it isn’t supposed to, which also ensures you aren’t wasting valuable stock.

Power Presses (ANSI B11-2009)

Power presses—like their name suggests—are incredibly powerful and dangerous machines. They have guards that prevent your fingers or hands from sliding through the machine and getting injured.

Milling Machines (ANSI B11.8-2001)

You’ll see a wide assortment of milling machines in the workplace. They all accomplish the same goal of removing material with rotary cutters. They keep you safe with a thick shield that prevents flying fragments from hitting you.

Power Saws (ANSI B165.1-2013)

Controlling an unguarded, hand-held power saw could result in you losing a finger if you’re not careful. All power tools need guards on them to prevent anyone from getting deep lacerations or losing fingers.

When machines require guards to keep you safe, you can work without stress because you’ll know the guards will protect you. Thankfully, OSHA and ANSI rules will continuously keep us secure.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.