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While some people believe removing trees, overgrowth, and other debris is a bad thing, the process—when done responsibly—has quite a few advantages. Whether the property will be used commercially or residentially, the benefits remain the same. Read on to better understand the advantages of land clearing.

Contributes To Environmental Stability

Overgrown lots are quickly dominated by different types of foliage. Because of the competition, it’s challenging for any of the plants to survive and thrive. Soil will also deplete in nutrients over time. Because of this, land clearing benefits farmers especially. Ridding the land of excess vegetation allows nutrients to get back into the soil, which allows farmers to grow successful crops. This is one of the biggest reasons why land clearing is important.

Improved Safety

Safety is another reason why land clearing is important. Land that is free of exposed roots, decaying tree stumps, thorns, rocks, and other debris removes a significant safety hazard from a property. In addition, properties with excess dry wood and leaves can pose a fire risk. As a result, land clearing is a natural way to prevent wildfires.

Reduced Pests

From invasive plant species to mosquitoes and termites, an abandoned property with excessive overgrowth is a playground for pests. One beneficial effect of land clearing is reduced pests, especially in a functioning building near the overgrown land. In addition to plants and insects, other hazardous wildlife can make their home on the property. These creatures include snakes, bears, and wasps (depending on the region).

How To Clear Land Responsibly

If you find yourself with an overgrown lot and aren’t sure how to get started, you have two options. You can call professionals to help you survey and clear the land, or you can clear the land yourself. Take the time to carefully survey the land first to ensure you make yourself aware of safety hazards and remove them ahead of time. This can be hidden ponds or ditches, tree stumps, or boulders. Next, rent the appropriate equipment. Brush cutters are excellent to use in land clearing applications: you’ll just need to choose between hydraulic and gear-driven machines.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.