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Social Media Services

Pure Content – Social Media Options

• $199 #SocialBuzz 1 platform
• $249 #SocialBuzz 2 platforms
• $299 #SocialBuzz 3 to 5 platform

Hyper Engagement Hyper-Growth Social Media Options that are All-Inclusive

• $475 Instagram hyper-growth
• $675 #SocialBuzz 3 platforms with a Growth Plan for Facebook to Grow Followers!
• $875 #SocialBuzz 3 platforms with an Ad Budget of $150 included
• $1,175 #SocialBuzz 4 to 5 platforms with an Ad Budget of $250 Included

Social Extras

Social Media Options that are extra or above what we deliver in the normal #SocialBuzz packages:

• $100 2nd Content Calendar
• $100 Video Edit – Simple take 5 days to complete
• $160 Facebook Page Followers Growth Campaign – No guarantee to the number of increases in followers. It will grow but depends on the page and target audience. This takes 3 to 5 days to set up.
• $175 to $250 Logo design and branding guide – This takes about 15 days to complete but depends on revisions and feedback.
• $250 – 10 Brand Social Media Templates – this takes about 15 days to complete depending on the graphic designers’ workload.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Programs are All-Inclusive – This program is GREAT for any Business to Business Clients you might have that need to target “C” clients or other title-driven clients.

$675 Hyper LinkedIn Campaign

Details of this program are as follows:

  • Target titles of people most likely to want to start a business.
  • Message targeted audience the opportunity to start a business
  • Post to all social media Daily M-F
  • Brand your business with Social Media
  • Human engagement to message each person
  • 20 connections every day! This is a direct Lead Generation Campaign

Targeted Emails List

We can get a targeted list for you of people or companies you need to email to.

• $2.75 per email – this takes about 5 days to gather.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have lots of restrictions so please inquire before you sell this service and know exactly what the expectations will be.

• $300 to set up and then 25% a month to run the ads and keep them efficient

Google AdWords:

This is also called Pay Per Click or PPC this is a passive campaign and does not BRAND a client at all. Please know it is a bidding campaign the highest bidder wins. There are NO guarantees for this campaign if a client gets a ton of clicks.

• $450 to set up and then 25% a month to run the ads and keep them efficient avg spend for this campaign to be successful is $1,500 min a month and requires the business to run this campaign for 9 to 12 months to be effective.

Other Marketing Services

We Offer:
There are a lot of marketing services available to you and we are pretty much able to do a lot of them or have access to deliver them for you:
• LinkedIn Ads – Request a quote
• Pandora Ads – Request a quote
• TV Ads Request a quote
• Radio Ads – Request a quote
• Billboards – Request a quote
• Direct Mail – Request a quote
• Genofencing – Request a quote
• There is so much more!

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Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.