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Marriage comes with a lot of plans, including financial ones. Once divorce comes into the picture, there’s a lot of uncertainty in every avenue, and monetary insecurity is very troubling. We’ve compiled some helpful tips on financial stability after divorce to ensure you can stay afloat and even thrive.

Make Separate Accounts

Managing money instantly changes when you get divorced, so you need to create your own bank account to deal with that. Close joint accounts and transfer money—make sure you remove the appropriate name from joint accounts and that they stay with the right person. If you don’t already have one, make a credit card in your name, and pay it off monthly to build up a good credit score.

Create a New Budget

Divorce results in a new living situation and requires you to completely re-budget your lifestyle. Write down all your expenses and keep track of any ongoing payments so you can develop a new budget for the new situation. If your income and budget don’t line up, see what you can trim from day-to-day life.

Get Help From a Financial Advisor

Doing all these calculations and tabulations by yourself may seem daunting. Consider hiring a financial advisor to set you on the right path by looking at your income and expenses. They can also help you invest your money, plan for retirement, and save for college if you have children. Some financial planners have specific experience with divorced spouses—seek them out over other options.

Take Stock of Your Situation

Your divorce settlement could say any number of things— if you’re still creating it, be sure to include a few necessities. You must stay flexible to adapt to a fluid situation. Your spouse could have trouble making payments, or your new living space could cost more than you were expecting. Be prepared to change your plan on the fly to meet the demands of whatever scenario you encounter.

With these tips on financial stability after divorce, meet challenges head-on and arm yourself with a plan—even though things are changing, you’re more than capable of prospering.