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The trick to making Halloween-inspired crafts with kids is finding easy and simple ones. Don’t worry; just because they’re easy doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. These spooky bats are the perfect touch to add to your Halloween decor.

Follow this step-by-step guide to complete a spooky bat craft. For more tips and tricks, guides, and things to do, become a Racine County Eye subscriber. Our Parenting page here focuses on helping parents.

So let’s get started. Parents, always supervise young children when using scissors or glue.

What You’ll Need

  • black construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • white drawing utensil for measuring
  • black drawing utensil for eyes
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue or glue sticks
  • optional: googly eyes or eye stickers


Step 1: Measure and cut two 2-inch by 8-inch strips of black paper. One paper will act as the wings and other will be the body.
Step 2: Take one strip of paper, add glue to the end, then bring ends of paper together and create a roll. Let the glue set. This is the body of the bat.
Step 3: Take the other black strip of paper. Fold it in half. Then draw bat wings. Afterwards, cut the bat wings out. Click here for tips on drawing bat wings.
Step 4: Next, open the bat wings and cut down the folded line. This will seperate the wings.
Step 5: Fold a small tab into the wings on the end that’s closer to the body and apply glue. Next, stick the wings to the paper roll you made in step 1. Apply pressure to the body. Complete this step for both wings.
Step 6: Using paper scraps from the black paper, cut out two triangles. Triangles may be any desired size. These will be the ears. Apply glue to the bottom of the triangles. Avoid putting glue on the point of the triangle. Adhear the ears to the body.
Step 7: Now cut out 2 white triangles. These will be the teeth. Cut any size that will fit on the front of the bat. Glue these teeth to the front of the bat.
Step 8: If you pre-purchased googly eyes, place these on the front of the bat above the teeth.
Step 9: If you don’t have googly eyes, create your own. Cut two small circles and draw a small black circle inside the white circle. Glue eyes to the bat.
Step 10: Bat is ready for display. Repeat steps to make additional bats.

Step by Step Photos

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