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Small rooms (bedrooms in particular) are some of the hardest areas to decorate. No matter what you put into the space, you always have to be aware of how it interacts with the room and how much space it takes up. These factors alone will limit a lot of the furniture that you can place in your living area. To help you get around these problems, here are some of the best design ideas for any small bedroom.

Low Bedframes

Having a low seated bed frame can give any smaller space the illusion of being bigger than it is. By placing the bed lower to the ground, you are placing it more outside your vision. This will make the room feel bigger, give your breathing room, as well as serving as a trendy example of alternative bed stylings.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is another great design feature for any small bedroom. Not only are most vertical storage messages compact and easy to sort out, but they also can serve more than just storage purposes. In some cases, these pieces of furniture will have a tabletop that you can put decorative items on to make it feel like it is part of the space.

Hanging Lights

While labor-intensive to set up, hanging lights are a great solution to maximizing your tabletop storage space while adding a unique design flair. These hanging lights can fill in as substitutes for any sort of tabletop lamps that are both inefficient and in the way of most storage surfaces. Adding hanging lights will provide the same level of light without the drawbacks of decreased surface space.

We hope that you have enjoyed these amazing design ideas for any small bedroom. Remember that a personal touch is worth more than any design idea you could have in any space. Making a space truly yours will ensure that you are comfortable in it no matter what.