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Comfort zones are easy to fall into. They’re reliable, safe, and require very little effort on our part. It’s no wonder many of us live the majority of our lives following the same routines and doing the same things over and over. Unfortunately, your comfort zone can only satisfy you for so long. Eventually, you may find yourself looking at your life and wondering how you ended up in such as repetitive place. That’s when you realize how much of a rut you’ve been in and decide it is time to get your life back on track. 

The good news is that recognizing your rut is also the first step in fixing it. When you realize you’re no longer pushing yourself to new heights or achieving your goals, you can examine your current situation and decide what you need to do next. Here are three useful steps for getting out of your rut and finding the life you want. 

Reconsider Your Situation and Goals

First, examine your goals. What do you really want to accomplish in your life in the next year, two years or five years? What did you hope to accomplish by this point when you were five years younger, and what’s changed in your universe since then? Identifying your goals will give you a crucial point to aim for when you’re deciding how to shake things up. Once you have your goals in mind, the next step is looking at how far away you are from them right now. 

For instance, if your dream is to be an artist and you’re working as an accountant, you’re definitely far off track. If you want to be a financial manager and you’re working as an accountant, you’re closer to the right avenue. If you want to meet your health goals, focusing on redoing your home’s interior is not the right direction. Whether you’re close or far from your goals, don’t panic, you can find a route to get to wherever you need to be.

Plan Immediate Next Steps

Sometimes, to make the progress required to get you out of your rut, you need to address a few major problems first. Start by identifying the course of your rut. If you’re struggling from poor mental and physical health which make it difficult for you to stay motivated, you’re not going to get closer to your goals until you address those issues first. 

Start by planning what you need to do to fix the things that might be holding you back from getting on track. This could mean visiting a doctor or getting therapy. It could also mean reconsidering your budget, and getting yourself back on track financially, so you can actually invest in achieving your targets. Once you have your immediate next steps, you can begin to think about what comes next.

Commit to a Valuable Change

Finally, the best way to get out of a rut is to commit to a valuable change. The change doesn’t have to be huge. For some, it could be just going to therapy every week to help yourself work on issues likes stress and depression. For others, it could be attending a weekly class to improve your communication and leadership skills. If you’re looking to make progress faster, you might commit to a larger change, like deciding to go back to college in your spare time, so you can pursue the career you really want. 

This would mean seeking out financing, like taking a personal loan from a private lender in the form of a student loan. It would also mean you need to figure out how you’re going to manage your schedule. Whether your change is large or small, commit to it, and celebrate every step forward you take. Rather than allowing yourself to fall into a rut again, re-assess your situation once every couple of months and ask yourself if you’re still on track.